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About LIPA
Our Vision:
The Livingston Interdisciplinary Professional Association leads the continuing transformation of the local culture of dispute resolution towards effective non-court process based on trust and full disclosure.

Our Mission:
Our Interdisciplinary Professional Association promotes excellence in dispute resolution through public education, collegial support, and networking. Our group promotes the professional development of practitioners who seek alternatives to litigation and humane, respectful, and effective ways to resolve disputes out of court.

Our membership is open to mental health professionals, financial professionals, mediators, attorneys, arbitrators, judges, and court personnel who are trained in mediation or collaborative practice.

Our Values:
Ethical Practice: We value and will follow the highest ethical standards of our respective professions.

Building Interdisciplinary Practice: We value respectful, supportive, and transparent interaction among cooperating professionals.

Continuing Education: We value the efforts of our members to engage in ongoing continuing education; the sharing of effective practices and approaches that happen in our interdisciplinary meetings; and members efforts to educate the general public about the advantages of interdisciplinary practice.

Voluntary & Complete Disclosure: We value respectful exchanges that lead toward effective client created options and solutions. Interdisciplinary practitioners are responsible to ensure an environment in which the clients provide full and complete information to generate solutions to their issues.

Positive Solutions: We value interdisciplinary practice because it creates positive solutions while remaining client focused. Interdisciplinary practice allows us to shape the process to best meet the needs of our client, including their children where involved.

Enhancing Capacity for Problem Solving: We value the empowerment of people as problem solvers, enhancing their ability to work together as issues arise, now and in the future. Practitioners attend to the people involved as well as the issues that divide them.

Do No Harm: We value non-court dispute resolution because we believe that the litigation system leaves people with less control and fewer options.

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